Ingen vet hvor haren hopper, ingen vet hvor Lise stopper... Translation: No one knows where the hare jumps, no one knows where Lise stops.. :/

Thursday, April 20, 2006

This & That

Oh dear, I'm getting a little worried... :/
I'm applying onto college this year, and there's a law here in Norway which say that anyone between 16 and 19 has right to three years in college. As long as one has their, Norwegian equivalent of, GCSE's, obviously... Well, my problem is, although I am taking a special course to get my GCSE's now, I'll be 20 this summer - which means I still might not get in! :/

Anyway, let's talk about the positive side of life: Tonight is our night, Ivan and me that is!
Although we see each other almost all the time, we don't always get the time to just sit down and relax together. So, for that reason Wednesday's are our evening together... We buy some snacks and soda, and snuggle up together in front of the TV to watch LOST and enjoy each others company! =)
Tonight, I have bought lefse (which, I think, is a Norwegian cake kind of thing. But, don't take my word for it), I also bought some carrotcake , which is my favorite cake out of all cakes (yummy!!) and some champagne soda!


Blimey, time goes quick... It's now Thursday, we've watched LOST and I was left with the same feeling I'm always left with every Wednesday - the feeling of not being fulfilled as I wish I didn't have to wait a whole week for the next episode! Mind you, we did manage a couple of months without it, when the Americans watched their so called "football"... You know what the Americans are like: If we can't watch it, then you ain't watching either! So, all we had to do was wait... So, I'm sure we'll manage six days, eight hours and 25 minutes for the next episode! :P
Anyway, like the say here in Norway: Den som venter noe godt, venter ikke forgjeves, meaning, Those who are waiting something good aren't waisting time! .... Hmm, something tells me that it sound better in Norwegian! :P

Quess what! My iron's broke! I was going through my cupboard yesterday, sorting what to keep and what to give to the poor. When I was done I decided to iron all the clothes- yeah right! My iron wasn't having any of that! It leaked, and I don't mean just a little bit, but a lot! I hadn't even filled it up and the water was just poring out of it! :(
It a shame really, because now I'll need to get a new iron and I can't afford that! Not at the moment anyway! I got something else I need to pay, and I'm also hoping to buy a flower pot to put outside the front door to make it a little more welcoming!


  • At 20/4/06, Anonymous Mum said…

    You mean you know what an iron is? ;-)

    Nice to see you blogging again, babe xxx

  • At 20/4/06, Blogger Inglesia said…

    Yes? shouldn't I? :P

    Lol, yeh, has been a while now! :/ But, I'm back!


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