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Monday, April 24, 2006

Change of Choice!

I woke up paranoid this morning! I was so paranoid that I had to stay at home today.
Anyway, what it was that had made me so paranoid, was realizing that I had applied onto wrong college! I can't become a vet, nor psychologist, even though I would like to!
Ok, I might not be stupid, but am I able to actually get the grades I need to get in? The fact that I'll be over 20 when it's time for uni, even makes it harder for me to get in... So, what will happen if I stand there, in three years time, and my grades aren't good enough... Then, what do I do?
Honestly, I don't want to know - I won't take the chance! So, I stayed at home so I could phone the inntakskontor (which I don't know what is called in English. But they take are of all the applications) and ask them whether there's any chance of still changing my application form! .... Luckily I still got time, the deadline for changing it is June 1st! :D:D Hallelujah, I am now a happy girl!

What I'll do now is apply for art college in stead... I've always been told I should do something with my hands, ok, it's not my biggest talent, but I have always been good when it comes to using my hands... So, why not? I could go for woodwork, be one of few females doing so, or I could become a silver smith, making silver necklaces for presents... As we all know, the world is full of options - we just need to look for them, and OK I wont become a vet, but that doesn't mean I can't be happy with whatever I chose to do! =)

Something positive did come out of today thought! It's not a big deal, but it makes me happy - I bought a new curtain rail (or whatever it's called) today =) But, I wont show a picture of it before I get my new curtains: My mums old ones, which she has sent me as she is redecorating her bedroom! *can't wait*


  • At 26/4/06, Anonymous Sharon J (your mother) said…

    I'll put them in the post next week, babe. I have to get my new curtains up first. Don't worry - you will get them very soon!

    I'm thinking maybe a silversmith would be a good way to go for you :)


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