Ingen vet hvor haren hopper, ingen vet hvor Lise stopper... Translation: No one knows where the hare jumps, no one knows where Lise stops.. :/

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Hello... I tried writing belly busting, but with no luck... I then decided to try a blog where I can talk about anything my fingers would fancy!

Anyway, I'm Lise. I am nineteen year old Norwegian student, who lives in Norway with my boyfriend.

Some would say that our lives are rather dull as nothing much happens, but I'm pretty much happy the way things are: We go to school, come home, study, snuggle up together, enjoying each others company and we meet some friends for a game of monopoly and chit chat... What I would call a nice and relaxing life! =)

So, what would be so interesting about my life that would be worth reading about..?!
Well, I'm nut sure. But, I'll give it ago, if no one reads then at least my mum will... I hope? :P


  • At 28/2/06, Blogger Sharon J said…

    Well I'm here now. ~Mum xx

  • At 3/3/06, Anonymous Richard said…

    And me

  • At 3/3/06, Blogger Teague said…

    Hi. A lot of people's lives are like that, but it dosn't make them meaningless or not worth reading about.


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